Shooting in the Air Training Corps




Of the three core subjects which involve Cadet participation, Live Firing Marksmanship Training (LFMT) otherwise known as rifle shooting is the third most popular after Flying and Gliding. Often it can be the one that Cadets participate in the most during their career whilst a member of the Air Training Corp’s.

L98 4

The safety aspect of shooting is paramount and is taken very seriously, therefore before cadets actually go to live fire, be it on an outdoor range or in most cases on an indoor range at the squadrons headquarters, there is a period of formal training on the weapon and the safety rules to be learnt and followed whilst handling any of the weapons. Throughout their time with the ATC cadets and the training staff are frequently checked on their ability to handle arms and ammunition safely.


Once weapon training has been completed and the cadet can show they can safely handle the weapon and the Principles of Marksmanship are understood the cadet under strict supervision can start to hone their skills as a marksman.  As they improve they may find themselves taking part in many of the competitions that are entered into during the year.

.22 2


.22 Cadet Rifle


It’s not easy. It requires focus, concentration and a very steady hand and teaches the virtues of patience, discipline and team work. Good scores attained can and will lead to the presentation of Marksmanship badges that are worn with pride on the cadet’s uniform. Once a cadet starts to learn to shoot a Marksmanship badge is a goal which every Cadet strives to win.

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There are several weapons that the Cadet has the opportunity to learn to use, starting from the air rifle progressing onto the small bore .22” service rifle and then onto a General Purpose rifle very similar to the one the British Military use and if shows promise at Competition Target Rifle shooting onto a Full Bore Target Rifle.





Range distances can vary from 25 yards indoors and outdoors, through to 600yards outdoors, using iron sights and firing from several different positions.




Light Support Weapon (LSW)


Shooting in the cadets can lead to further participation in a very popular sport even going onto representing your country in the Olympics.