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Joining Devon & Somerset Wing Air Cadets opens up lots of opportunities.

As a Cadet you could enjoy fantastic flying experiences to remember for a lifetime. Many teenagers are apprehensive about their first flight but just like all ATC Activities

“The More you put in the more you will get out”. Initially you might be a passenger in the RAF Grob Tutor, that’s the Aircraft that all Air Crew train with.


AEF Flying 2





YOU will sit beside experienced pilots who will teach you the basics of flying whilst your having FUN.




Wing Muster 2

In your time as a cadet you could fly with your fellow cadets and staff in a military Aircraft or Helicopter.

Recently many members of the Wing flew at RAF Odiham in the wonderful Chinook Aircraft – All for FREE.

Fast Jet 4

As you mature in the ATC, if you show keenness, have the motivation and ability you might gain a scholarship to attend prestigious flying courses in a Glider or light aircraft.

As you have fun with your friends in the ATC family you could attend new Aerospace Courses in the process gaining nationally recognised Qualifications.

If you are very lucky and have exceptional skills you might even be a passenger in a Fast Jet.

Wing Muster 3 Fast Jet