Cadet Courses

These courses are available at the Cadet Training Weekends held at Chickerell.

When you see a course is being run that your are interested in attending, speak to your OC or another member of Squadron Staff and they will try to secure you a place on the course.

Please note that not all courses are available on every training weekend and spaces are limited on the courses that are available.


  • JNCO : Cadets should be 14 and/or have been in the Corps for 18 Months, and be likely to be promoted to Cpl within the next six months, if not already so.


  • SNCO : Cadets should be 15 and/or have been in the Corps for 24 months and be likely to be promoted to Sgt or above within the next six months.


  • CIW : Cadet induction weekend is intended to give your new cadets a first outing away from home in Uniform. The ‘course’ will teach them about looking after their kit, working together, while affording time to give them fundamental drill skills beyond the TG53 stage.


  • MOI : Method of Instruction Course – SATURDAY only for Cadets and staff. A full day learning the fundamentals of imparting knowledge to Air Cadets. Students will need to prepare an individual presentation, with visual Aids to last between five and ten minutes.


  • BASIC : The legal requirements for all over-eighteen year olds in the Corps. Cadets and Staff will be taken through the various topics concerned, interspersed with examples and anecdotes to put them in context.


  • CDC  : Cadet Drill Course (Formerly Cdt DI Course) – Students must be 14 or over, and have been a Cadet for at least 18 months. Their personal drill must be good (and will be assessed on Friday evening). The course will teach the students how to teach drill to new Recruit Cadets.


  • Cere : Ceremonial Drill Course will teach your cadets how to handle your banner correctly, as well as an introduction to rifle drill.  Cadets must be 14 or over, and have completed 18 months service. Their personal drill should be good, and the course will endeavour to take their personal skill level further.


  • TWC : Team Working Course. The Cadet Team Working Course is designed for Junior Cadets looking to gain experience in working in a team and building self confidence in working with others.  The course aims
  • To introduce junior cadets to the concepts of teamwork,
  •     To develop basic communication skills,
  • To build confidence when working with others,
  • To introduce the concepts of leadership at a basic level.

Junior cadets should be considered as cadets with less than 18 months service. These cadets should not be cadets with leadership experience.


  • ILC : The Cadet Initial Leadership Course is designed for Senior Cadets and cadet Junior NCOs wishing to develop foundation leadership skills.  The course aims
  • To provide foundation leadership training for senior cadets and JNCOs,
  • To build confidence in leading groups of cadets,
  • To develop an understanding of the principles of leadership,
  • To introduce the theory of briefing techniques,
  • To develop skills that can be utilised outside of the ACO.

Senior cadets are those cadets who have a minimum of 18 months service. These cadets should be considered to have sufficient experience in teamwork, communication and would benefit from developing their leadership qualities.


  • Blue Communicator Course : The recently introduced Blue Comms Badge will be delivered and assessed in the weekend.  Any staff who are interested in how to deliver the course should also contact me for further information.