Welcome to Devon and Somerset Wing Music Flight


The Wing Music Flight was established in September 2008 to provide every Cadet within Devon and Somerset Wing the opportunity to get involved in music at all levels. We currently have a mixture of experienced and beginner musicians.
As well as delivering Corps’ Music objectives, Music Flight Cadets have further opportunities to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. There are a number of lead posts within the Flight that are filled by Cadets. This is a unique opportunity for Cadets to take on a leadership role at Wing level.


The Music Flight has provided entertainment in various formats over the last three years:
Most in demand is the traditional marching Corps of Drums (COD) which heads parades or provides a beating the retreat type format. The COD consists of percussion, tuned percussion (bell lyres), flutes and bugles.
The Fanfare team, where our group of buglers play complex harmonies to highlight an event or perform bugle calls en masse.
Individual buglers have played Last Post and Reveille at Remembrance Parades.
Ensembles ranging from a traditional pop group with rhythm and bass guitars at a garden party through to pianists and violinists at National competitions and larger groups that have played at Vivary Park bandstand, in Taunton.

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