Challenges test Cadets drive and determination to succeed outside their comfort zone. They are extremely popular and form the core of our Adventure Training programme.


The Ten Tors Challenge

Dartmoor is one of the last wildernesses in England. It is a National Park, and occupies some 368 square miles (954 square km) of hills topped by granite outcrops; the ‘Tors’. At its lowest point Dartmoor is 325 feet (100m) above sea level, and at its highest is reaches 2018 feet (621m).

TT Finish


The Ten Tors event takes place one weekend in May, every year, and is now strictly limited to 2400 teenagers in 400 six-person teams. The teams, depending on age groups, face hikes of 35, 45 or 55 miles between 10 nominated Tors and checkpoints over two days. The teams are to be self-sufficient, and unsupported, carrying everything they need to survive on the Moor, relying on their own skills and training for navigation, camp-craft, teamwork and leadership.


Ten Tors aims to encourage young people to take park in a planned expedition over Dartmoor. The event is not a competition but a challenging adventure, which demands careful planning, imagination, endurance, skilful navigation and teamwork by the participants.




Nijmegen International Marches

The Nijmegen Marches normally take place in Holland during the 3rd week in July each year. Many months of arduous training are necessary for successful participation. Each team is required to march 40 km (25 miles) per day for each of the 4 consecutive days, a total of 100 miles, culminating in the ‘March Past’ on the final day. Approximately 11 hours are allowed to complete each days march with marching starting between 0430 hrs and 0600 hrs daily.



The Airborne MarchAirborne March

This event takes place in the Dutch town of Arnhem, The Netherlands, on the first Saturday in September every year. It celebrates the brave actions of the Allied Air Forces and some 10,000 British and Polish Paratroops who fought to seize and hold its strategically important bridge over the River Rhine in September 1944. This action is portrayed in the classic WW2 film ‘A Bridge Too Far’.

The Airborne March is now the largest one day Medal March in the world, attracting over 40,000 participants. Each year a large contingent of British Army and Air Cadets represent the United Kingdom armed forces. Cadets from Devon & Somerset Wing regularly play their part in what many say is the best thing they have ever done as Cadets.