Welcome to Devon & Somerset Wing Band


Do you have a flair for music?  

It plays a popular role in the life of cadets in Devon & Somerset Wing and playing as part of our Wing Band is highly rewarding.  

Our aims are to introduce you to music within the cadets, provide you with musical instruction and the opportunity to play at a variety of events.  

You may already be good at an instrument, but don’t worry if you’re new to playing music…if you have talent, we’ll help you make the most of it!  

Our marching band element is restricted to what you can carry, but includes instruments such as:  

  • Saxophone 
  • Clarinet 
  • Euphonium 
  • French horn 
  • Flute  
  • Bugle 
  • Cornet & Trumpet 
  • Trombone 
  • Cymbals 
  • Side drum 
  • Bass drum 
  • Tenor drum 

Marching with a piano is a bit difficult, but that’s what ensembles are for! We’ve got kit drums, keyboards, stringed instruments and vocalists, so plenty to sing about!  

Building your skills, you could earn badges through our Progressive Training Syllabus and, if you want to, even earn a BTEC Level 2 in Music for Practical Performance!  

We’re always on the lookout for adult volunteers who might be willing to give us a helping hand! If you’ve got musical or organisational skills that you’d like to share, please get in touch.  

We’re always available on Facebook at @DSWingBand or by email to