FieldcraftFieldcraft Training is an exciting part of any squadron’s training programme and takes place both during our regular parade evenings and as weekend training exercises.

Field Craft Training allows cadets to develop their personal skills and knowledge in a wide range of activities which relate directly to working and living in a field environment. Fieldcraft includes activities like shelter construction, camouflage and concealment, preparing food from a ration pack, moving tactically as part of section, field formations and hand signals; all things which are required when living and working out in the field.

Fieldcraft 3


Fieldcraft is often used as a ‘vehicle’ to test other ATC skills such as map reading, first aid, problem solving and leadership in an outdoor environment by providing a challenging but fun experience.

There are also opportunities for cadets to take this knowledge to the next level and learn more about military skills such as ambushes and section battle drills when the take part in the challenging Cadet Leadership Courses and the Junior Leaders Course where their leadership skills are field skills are really put to the test!