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Devon & Somerset Wing was well represented at a recent performance of the Air Cadets National Marching Band. The Band gave a twenty five minute performance at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincolnshire. The six band members from D&S Wing also took part in a sunset ceremony later in the day.

The International Bomber Command Centre is a world class facility acknowledging the efforts of Bomber Command during WWII. The project also covers the stories of those who suffered as a result of the bombing campaigns and those whose survival was guaranteed by the humanitarian operations of Bomber Command. During WWII over a million men and women served or supported Bomber Command. They came from 62 nations across the world and were united in their efforts to protect the freedom we enjoy today.

Well done to all the cadets who took part in the performance.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Matthew Bosson – 1064 (Honiton) Squadron

Cadet Flight Sergeant Louie Steer – 914 (Glastonbury and Street) Squadron

Cadet Sergeant Toby Burrows – 914 (Glastonbury and Street) Squadron

Cadet Sergeant Harrison Snell – 200 (Torquay) Squadron

Cadet Corporal Amelie Burrows – 914 (Glastonbury and Street) Squadron

Cadet Zach Richards – 1322 (Newton Abbot) Squadron.

Further congratulations are in order as Cadet Flight Sergeant Louie Steer and Cadet Flight Sergeant Matt Bosson also qualified for their Gold music badges. The gold music badge is the final step on the ladder for the music awards in the RAFAC and may only be awarded by the Principle Director of Music (RAF Air Cadets), or the Director of Music of the appropriate national ensemble.








Air Cadets Bartek Hora, Tamsin Hayne and Harry Dodd from 1182 (Shepton Mallet) Squa

dron have recently returned from a weekend of ground training and gliding with 621 and 632 Volunteer Gliding Squadrons at RAF Little Rissington in Gloucestershire.

The training and gliding experience the air cadets completed has now qualified them to wear the Air Cadets Blue Wings Badge which is part of the air cadets’ progressive gliding and flying training syllabus.

The Blue Wings gliding training is a residential course and can be taken either over successive weekends until completed, or as a continuous week-long course (usually in the summer). Course times can vary due to the weather and students’ progress so motivation and commitment are key.

Cadets are taught how to use the flight controls and are familiarised with the instruments within the glider using state of the art simulators at the gliding school. Simulator training can now be carried out prior to the cadets getting airborne for real.

Should cadets show the necessary aptitude they could be invited to progress to solo standard and achieve the silver GS wings for flying solo!

Instruction is provided for the cadets by fully qualified glider pilots at the volunteer gliding school, many of the instructors are ex air cadets themselves.

Well done to the cadets who have achieved their Blue Wings and good luck with the next stage of glider training..

Further information on becoming a cadet or adult volunteer can be found by visiting or calling 0345 6006601.




A service of thanksgiving for the life of The Reverend Bernard Lyn Morris was held on Wednesday 17th July at The Church of St Barnabus, Queen Camel, Somerset.

Lyn, as he was known to his friends and colleagues, passed away following a brief illness having returned home from a recent holiday with his wife Peggy.

Having joined the ATC in 1943 Lyn maintained a keen interest in aviation which led to him joining the RAF shortly after the end of the second world war. Whilst serving in the RAF he qualified as a radio mechanic and worked on both Mosquito and Lancaster aircraft. Lyn’s demobilisation was delayed until 1949 due to the Berlin Airlift.

Following a brief career in advertising he was ordained into the Church of England, his first parish being one in Manchester. Ordination enabled the now Reverend Morris to take on the role of Chaplain at many ATC Squadrons throughout his time in the Ministry. Lyn also served for many years as a Chaplain to Branches of the Royal British Legion and the Mid Somerset Royal Air Force Association where he made many lifelong friends.

Lyn was always a constant support to staff and cadets at all the squadrons to which he was affiliated. During his time as a Squadron Chaplain he enrolled hundreds of cadets and attended over forty annual camps at locations throughout the UK.

Serving for some time as the Wing Chaplain of Devon & Somerset Wing he was also the Squadron Civilian Welfare Chairman at 2277 (Castle Cary) Squadron. In 2000 he was awarded a Lord Lieutenants’ Certificate for his service to the Air Training Corps.

Reverend Lyn Morris was a friend and trusted advisor to many, a kind and caring man, dedicated to serving not only his church and the wider community but also the RAF, the Air Training Corps and many service and civilian charities.

His humour and friendship, will be greatly missed by all who knew him at Devon & Somerset Wing.

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