Devon & Somerset Wing was well represented at a recent performance of the Air Cadets National Marching Band. The Band gave a twenty five minute performance at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincolnshire. The six band members from D&S Wing also took part in a sunset ceremony later in the day.

The International Bomber Command Centre is a world class facility acknowledging the efforts of Bomber Command during WWII. The project also covers the stories of those who suffered as a result of the bombing campaigns and those whose survival was guaranteed by the humanitarian operations of Bomber Command. During WWII over a million men and women served or supported Bomber Command. They came from 62 nations across the world and were united in their efforts to protect the freedom we enjoy today.

Well done to all the cadets who took part in the performance.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Matthew Bosson – 1064 (Honiton) Squadron

Cadet Flight Sergeant Louie Steer – 914 (Glastonbury and Street) Squadron

Cadet Sergeant Toby Burrows – 914 (Glastonbury and Street) Squadron

Cadet Sergeant Harrison Snell – 200 (Torquay) Squadron

Cadet Corporal Amelie Burrows – 914 (Glastonbury and Street) Squadron

Cadet Zach Richards – 1322 (Newton Abbot) Squadron.

Further congratulations are in order as Cadet Flight Sergeant Louie Steer and Cadet Flight Sergeant Matt Bosson also qualified for their Gold music badges. The gold music badge is the final step on the ladder for the music awards in the RAFAC and may only be awarded by the Principle Director of Music (RAF Air Cadets), or the Director of Music of the appropriate national ensemble.