Devon County Show Cadet Challenge

20180519_171241 (1)On Saturday 19th May 2018, 4 cadets from 13 City of Exeter Squadron took part in the Cadet Challenge.
The challenge involved a series of activities, we started with fly fishing, the cadets were taught the technique of fly fishing and the challenge was to see how many times you could cast the line in and hit the hoop in the water. Next up was archery, all the cadets felt this would be a piece of cake due to their shooting practise within the ATC, they soon realised that wasn’t the case. We then moved on to simulated clay pigeon shooting, everybody did rather well at this so we got through it quite quickly.
Throughout these challenges the cadets had to also complete a quiz, which they managed in record time.
All that was left was a mystery challenge at 4.30pm, so the cadets were free to explore the show for a couple of hours. Upon returning they were informed that their final challenge would be duck herding, they couldn’t believe their ears!
The duck herding was quite difficult, the cadets had to direct the ducks through and around a series of obstacles. Eventually they managed to get the ducks back in the pen securely.
All in all it was an excellent effort by team ‘fightin 13’, this was clear when we ended up being the winners of the cadet challenge!
A big well done to Cpl Gough, Cpl Coats, Cdt Howard and Cdt Gough and thank you to flt lt Jordan for being our chauffeur.
FS Parkinson (RAFAC)