299 Exmouth Sqn Secure Final Flight in a Sea King Junglie

299 Exmouth Squadron managed to secure a final flight in a Sea King Mk 4 on Thursday 17th March, days before the Junglies fly their farewell tour of the South West.

299 Sea King 2.jpg

Former Cadet of 299 Exmouth Sqn, Lt Cdr Robert Bond RN, kindly arranged for the Sea King to land at Commando Training Centre RM Lympstone in order to fly 40 Staff and Cadets, along with the Principle and Deputy Principle from Exmouth Community College, where the majority of the Sqn’s Cadets go to school. The College has kindly allowed the Sqn to operate from their premises while the build of the new Exmouth Joint Cadet Training Centre takes place.

Lt Cdr Bond flew the four sticks of 10 cadets and staff around the local area, which included a flypast over Exmouth Community College and 299 Squadron, very fitting before the closure of the 40 year old Sqn building on the 31st March.

299 Sea King

Flt Lt Rich Bagnall, Staff and Cadets would like to thank Lt Cdr Bond for his support, flying the cadets on numerous occasions over the years and wish him well as he moves on to fly the Merlin later this year.